MGIC’s 2Q income up as losses were lower than forecast

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Walt Disney Co. is looking to avenge the loss it took on the blockbuster bomb "John Carter." What better way than to ramp up its. was on the low end of the $80 million to.

Delta’s fuel bill was $2.6 billion, or $710 million less than a year ago, when it took a $561 million fuel-hedging loss. Excluding the 2012 hedging loss, Delta still spent $288 million less on fuel. Costs other than fuel rose 2.5 percent, less than Delta originally forecast. Overall, operating costs declined 8 percent.

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ArcelorMittal’s net loss for 1H 2013 was $1.1 billion, or $(0.65) loss per share, as compared to net income for 1H 2012 of $1.1 billion, or $0.72 per share. Total steel shipments for 1H 2013 were lower at 42.3 million metric tonnes as compared with 43.9 million metric tonnes at 1H 2012.

Mortgage rates inch up after five-week decline Rates on 30-year mortgages declined this week after posting increases for six consecutive weeks. In its weekly survey, mortgage giant freddie mac reported thursday that rates on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages fell to 5.80 percent, down from last week’s 5.89 percent, which had been the highest level in four months.

Second-quarter and half-year report 2018 Yara International ASA Higher deliveries and prices offset by higher gas cost Cubato acquisition successfully completed Yara improvement program on track Non-cash currency loss due to USD strengthening in 2Q -0.4 -0.2 0 0.2 0.4 0.6

Income was also lower than forecast. A major reason for this is that we were not able to reduce costs as planned in the startup of manufacturing for new products. The business systems business missed the outlook for both net sales and operating income. One reason was that orders for SIDM printers used in tax collection systems in China were

At $16.4 million, vessel operating costs were in line with 2Q. Administrative expenses at $2.9 million were $1.0 million lower than 2Q, the prior quarter having been inflated by higher legal and.

Second quarter sales and income were lower than previous projections (made on August 1) and were down year-on-year. Net sales were 4.1% (5.5 billion) lower than previous projections. Discounting the impact of exchange rates (+1.2 billion), actual sales were 5.0% (6.7 billion) below previous projections.

Fannie Mae's Q2 2015 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey results FY2015 2nd Quarter Financial Results FY2015 2nd Quarter Financial Results. 1) Overview of 2nd Quarter financial results. Company unable to make up losses from. Production lower than forecast. 2) Delayed reduction in labor costs. 3) Increased costs for support of.

Business excl. items above: Approx. -24 billion yen Lower revenue, primarily in network products and mobile phones [operating profit] Down 10.7 billion yen Primarily the result of lower revenue from network products and Ubiquitous Solutions [Financial income (expenses), etc.] Up 26.5 billion yen

Fraud risk rose on purchase market shift and more wholesale loans With the adoption of EMV (embedded chip) cards and terminals, the types of identity fraud continued to shift online and away from physical stores. The complexity of fraud is also on the rise as.