Queens home-sellers aren’t waiting for Amazon to raise prices

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Wanda Lee got what she came for saturday: meaty questions that touched on Berkshire Hathaway’s dealings with Wells Fargo, Kraft Heinz and a recent investment in Amazon. The answers. amount of.

Instead of lowering your prices, wouldn’t you like to raise prices and let the buyers compete? Add the right books to your inventory, and you’ll find buyers virtually lined up, credit cards ready. One tool you can use for this is Amazon’s Buyers Waiting list. More than 2,000 buyers join it every day, but these aren’t your Dad’s book collectors.

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Think about it: Thanks to the Amazon deal, the mayor is again hyping his Brooklyn-Queens streetcar, which would pass the Amazon corporate site on its way from Astoria to Gowanus. Its construction budget alone is $2.7 billion. That price represents 166 years of Amazon PILOT contributions.

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At a presentation for Queens residents late last month, the New York City economic development corporation said that only half of the Amazon jobs would be tech-related, according to the Washington.

Buy now or wait. There are a lot of things to consider in making that decision. One issue is unemployment. If it remains high do not expect prices to go up much if at all. You also have interest rates increasing. If rates go from 5% to 6% to 7% you will lose 11.9% and 23.9% of your buying power respectively.

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In neighborhoods near the new headquarters, the jump in home prices could be immediate. In the Queens neighborhood of Sunnyside, which is a short subway ride from Amazon’s new headquarters, the.

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Fees on Amazon are higher than eBay, so you should be able to cut your prices a bit over there. We’ve found eBay buyers to be super price sensitive. For example, sometimes if we drop prices by 1% right across the board, we can see an increase in sales of 100% or more which lasts for a week or two.